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Property Type: House
Guide Price: £30m

The Brief:

Our clients were living within the area of their search and speaking with all the right estate agents in the area but were getting frustrated with the houses they were being offered. Nothing was quite hitting the mark and there were a lot of expensive houses on the market just not selling which was not helping with their confidence that it was the right time to be moving upmarket. We were engaged to find the W11 “holy grail” of a well located low built wide lateral house in good condition with a large garden and to make sense of the market in turbulent times under the threat of a Corbyn Government. We definitely had our work cut out to come up with exciting and appropriate houses perhaps not being openly marketed.

The Solution:

A longstanding contact of ours came up with a beautiful house in exactly the right location for our clients which ticked all the boxes. Houses such as this one rarely come up for sale and this particular property was destined to be sold quietly off the market, never being openly advertised. Our main focus was in helping our clients to understand how good this opportunity was for them and if missed, was unlikely to be repeated for quite some time such as the rarity of this type of home in Notting Hill. We were able to negotiate a 15% reduction from the guide price during the negotiations to purchase the property and ensured that we faced no competition to purchase from other interested parties. Completion day could not come round fast enough for our clients and we were particularly happy to hand over the keys to an incredibly special house.

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Notting Hill London Property Search
Service Type
Notting Hill London Property Search
Provider Name
Cliff Gardiner,
7 Ladbroke Terrace,Notting Hill,London -W11 3PG,
Telephone No.020 8823 9011
We were engaged for this Notting Hill London Property Search when our well connected clients were getting frustrated with the houses they had been offered.